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Now Mobile Top Up

Now Mobile is known to provide great offers, low prices, and quality coverage. Now Mobile Top Up online can be done from various websites starting from £5 to £40. You can choose the bundle you want and go ahead with the top up to enjoy lots of data, minutes and texts.

Now Mobile Standard Rates

Now Mobile has standard rates which are great for everyday use where you get landline at 0.5p and mobile at 0.15p per minute. Now to Now, calls are 0.05p per minute and texts at 0.2. International calls are just a treat for users as they get landline and mobile calls at only £0.02 per minute to India, £0.03 and £0.05 per minute for landline and mobile calls to Bangladesh and £0.05 per minute to both landline and mobile calls for Pakistan.

Great Value

With Now Mobile Top Up you can now get 10% extra credit when you top up online. You can also get £5 Free credit if you recommend them to your friends. For those who make both local and international calls, you get 1-minute free international call time for every minute you use to call a UK number. However, there is a list of countries you get free minutes to, so make sure you check the menu beforehand.


Make use of your Now Mobile Top Up to get great value out of bundles which consists of lots of data, minutes and texts. Let’s take a look at the detailed list below.

£5 Data Bundle

1GB data are valid for 14 days.

£5 Talk and Text Bundle

150 minutes, 500 texts and 1GB data for 30 days.

£5 Talk Bundle

200 minutes for 30 days

£10 Data Bundle

3GB data are valid for 30 days.

£10 Talk and Text Bundle

Five hundred minutes, Unlimited texts and 5GB data for 30 days.

£10 Talk Bundle

500 minutes and 5GB Data for 30 days

Those who are heavy internet users can go for the £30 Now Mobile Top Up bundle which gives unlimited texts, minutes along with 20GB data.

To summarize, Now Mobile is fantastic for its Bundles and International top-up rates. There are lots of offers available, and you get great value out of every penny spent.