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Order online £30 voucher code and we will send the code directly to your email inbox, please do also check your spam or junk folder as well. 

Once you top up you get 150MB data allowance, valid till 48 hours. As soon as it is activated top-up never expire.

£30 top up voucher code does not have any add-on features directly related with it, but once you top £30 you can buy £27.50 36 GB add-on features use includes 36 GB, Unlimited Minuties & Text, more details you can find in £27.50 top up product description.

Buy Add-on using top-up by your My3 account or dailing 444 from your three sim below are the features which you can enjoy in 30 days

Internationals Three Mobile Top up Allowances

Good news is that you can use this allowances outside UK as well, you can use the data allowances (Mobile Internet) through whole world where three network is allowed without any cost. And you can send Unlimited sms without any cost to Go Roam Europe Destinations.


  • Data Limit of 15GB fair use policy in Europe countires
  • Data Limit of 12GB through out the world destinations.
  • Once you active your Add-on you can not cancel it.
  • To top-up and activate your sim you need to visit
  • Full details on pricing and terms at
  • Total Details of Go Roam @
  • If you have any query just dail 333 (free cost) from your phone or chat online at customer service deparment will help you.
  • Dail 444 for 36 GB Add-ons

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